TribeXR to Incorporate Beatport LINK for Virtual Reality DJing

Players will now be able to access Beatport’s extensive catalog in the virtual reality DJ platform.

Beatport LINK subscribers will now be able to access their libraries in the virtual realm after a new partnership with TribeXR was announced. For those unfamiliar with the program, TribeXR is a virtual reality DJing platform where players can interact with simulated mixers and create their own DJ sets with nothing but a virtual reality-enabled device. 

While users can upload their own music for their digital sets, the new partnership will give subscribers instant access to the music platform’s entire library without the need for a storage device as the tracks are streamed from Beatport. 

The TribeXR program is a one-time purchase of $29.99 while Beatport LINK is a monthly subscription that comes in three packages with a variety of added features. Users who own a virtual reality-enabled device and have purchased both TribeXR and Beatport LINK can now perform and record entire sets with no physical DJ equipment of their own. 

In a press release, Zach Jaffe, the Director of US Partnerships and Marketing at Beatport, explained how excited the company was for their entrance into the world of virtual reality and demonstrated how this is a great opportunity for aspiring DJs. 

Having spent many years in the worlds of both VR and electronic music, this integration is something that an aspiring DJ could not even dream of even a few years ago. It is the very definition of “the future”. Beatport is always looking for new and creative avenues to allow people to discover and perform dance music, so Tribe, combined with LINK, is quite literally the ability for anyone to do that in a completely novel way.

You can learn more about TribeXR’s virtual reality DJ program and purchase the software for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and other devices on Steam here.

Source: Music Tech

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