Top Black Microsoft Engineer Murders His Beautiful Girlfriend!!

Police in Seattle are charging one of Microsoft Corp’s most promising young talented engineers with first-degree murder and second-degree assault after MTO News learned that he allegedly stabbing to death one woman and assaulting a second woman with a knife Jan. 24 

Police claim that Ahmed Hassan Osman, 23, brutally stabbed his lovely girlfriend Nyaruot Chuol, 20, to death

Nyaruot and Ahmed had been dating for a period of time, according to her cousin. The relationship had deteriorated over the past weeks and Nyaruot had blocked Ahmed’s number from her cellphone, the cousin told the local press. 

On Jan. 23, however, Nyaruot  and her cousin were at Ahmed’s apartment after picking up food at Taco Bell. All three were drinking Remy Martin Cognac and Ahmed was smoking marijuana. 

In the early morning hours, Ahmed and Nyaruot reportedly got into an argument after she refused to have sex with him. Ahmed then slapped Nyaruot and demanded that both women leave his apartment.


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Nyaruot attempted two defend herself, but things quickly went from bad to worse. At one point, Ahmed allegedly began to strangle her. The cousin claims thats she tried to punch Ahmed to get him to stop. He finally let go and Nyaruot fell to the ground. 

The women finally managed to get out of the apartment and were waiting for the elevator when Ahmed came at them carrying a large kitchen knife. He stabbed Nyaruot in the stomach and tried to stab the cousin. 

Detectives obtained video from the apartment complex that showed Ahmed stabbing Nyaruot, and her cousin. 

During the investigation, detectives learned that Osman has been employed as a Microsoft software engineer since the age of 21 and was recently promoted. He received a bonus of $30,000 in 2020 and based on his federal income tax withholding for 2020 he had an annual salary of between $163,000 and $207,000. He also owns a rental property in Seattle and detectives found documents in his apartment for a newly purchased Tesla. 

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