Tomorrowland is Planning a New Years Eve Virtual Festival

According to reports, the brand’s “Around the World” concept didn’t turn a profit, but organizers aren’t giving up quite yet.

Tomorrowland just dropped their documentary Never stop the music – The Creation of Tomorrowland 2020, which gave fans an intimate look into the making of the inaugural edition of the the brand’s “Around The World” virtual festival. However, recent reports revealed that although the organizers went above and beyond to plan the historic streaming event, the ticketed livestream failed to pull in the numbers they desired. 

Billboard reports that the online music festival cost around $10 million to fund, but Tomorrowland’s co-founder Michiel Beers clarified it was actually more along the lines of $5 million with the partnerships, sponsorships, and media deals factored in. He shared that they “about broke even.” Despite the underwhelming results, however, the industry veterans behind Tomorrowland are moving forward with another streaming venture. They have announced that a second virtual reality festival is in the works for New Year’s Eve. 

“We believe that digital will exist next to live,” Beers told Billboard. “We also believe that we have to create moments that people really want to see [us] livestream in a special way, and really see it as a small event.”

Tomorrowland also recently made the decision to quietly cancel their 2021 Winter Festival, which was scheduled for March 14th to 21st. They never publicly announced the cancellation on their social platform, but fans can visit their website and find the following message:

Tomorrowland Winter 2021 cannot take place due to the uncertain circumstances created by COVID-19. Organizing a festival such as Tomorrowland Winter requires a lot of preparation, both by the organisers and local partners, as well as by you, the People of Tomorrow.
Considering the current lack of prospects for the coming months, Tomorrowland has no choice but to not organize a Tomorrowland Winter edition in 2021.

Stay tuned as more information comes in regarding 2021 Tomorrowland festivities. In the meantime, you can watch the official aftermovie from Tomorrowland Around The World below. 



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