I Heard It By way of The Grapevine, Gossip

To develop into a celeb means to turn out to be public. The massive amassment of wealth is yet one more major concern for the celebrities. How to spend this money becomes the problem. Celebrities lose their peace of mind. And then comes the news of some superstar sniffing medicine, indulging in wanton sexual pleasures or getting arrested for some unlawful activities. Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson are proof sufficient. WITCHCRAFT, It is highly satanic and saramonic to power people to eat people. Cannibalizing is a damming sin. And this gose for people with no nolege. For lack is no excuse. U can’t learn ? God gave u the messenger, don’t be a sceptic. Listen and examine on your self. Don’t ask Brie to attach extra proof becouse your lazy and don’t want to no, or stop consuming your favorite lifeless baby flavor. It’s a bit disappointing, taints that … Read the rest