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A star is someone who gets an uncommon public attention in a tradition for its distinctive expertise, charisma and character. In May 2019 Variety reported that The Lighthouse star Robert Pattinson would play Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy with a darkish origin story and a secret nighttime, crime-busting interest. I imagine it is to stay a “dream” life by way of someone else. Capturing all the pictures we see of the celebs makes us imagine they have some dream life, with tons of money, and so forth. The attraction of that sort of lifestyle has always been round. Though most work exhausting for his or her money and money can’t buy happiness, love or an excellent life, folks overlook the unhealthy elements that associate with having that type of cash. They see the flowery automobiles, the gorgeous mansions and their faces at all times on tv, magazines, and so forth. … Read the rest