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Soundcloud is the social media exclusively for musicians. The daddy-of-three wrote to his a million Instagram followers on the time: So after weeks, months, years of fixed articles & rumours, some true, some very unfaithful I wish to publicly say, I do know I’ve made errors, we all do as humans, however I’ve made some that have virtually cost me my family. So is there anything unsuitable with being a Hollywood gossip junkie? Unless you’re completely obsessive about Hollywood gossip and it’s stopping you from conducting your normal on a regular basis activities or you’re a stalker, then you are in all probability completely normal. We are by nature a curious lot. We love to hear about what’s going on with our favourite stars. It is no different now than it’s ever been. In the 20s folks were as fascinated with the antics of Mae West as we’re with Brittany … Read the rest