10 Reasons Why Christianity Is Declining—and Atheism Is Growing

Becoming a father later in life is becoming increasingly widespread. The Bible teaches Christ-followers to worship the one, true God, but Christians don’t hate individuals of other faiths. I love your article! President Trump is likely one of the greatest People ever, and probably the greatest presidents. I’m at the moment studying the e-book ‘Skin within the Sport’ and the author talks about why Trump gained, him having lived his life with ‘pores and skin in the game’ whereas most politicians have never risked something; and Trump having never had a boss does not kowtow to anybody. As of late, I’ve witnessed many media studies that sound an alarm and rapidly disappeared. Leaving me to wonder how much reality was in the report or how little? I also agree this story could not go away as quickly as CNN might hope it is going to. Fox is simply sinking their … Read the rest