Oliver Heldens Launches New Record Label, Releases Collaboration with Party Pupils and MAX

Oliver Heldens has launched a new label venture, OH2, as he turns his attention toward commercial dance music.

Oliver Heldens is launching a new record label, OH2, in an effort to focus on the commercial side of pop dance music. The producer has christened the new project with a new tune alongside Party Pupils, “Set Me Free.”

The announcement comes nearly six years following the creation of Heldens’ Heldeep Records. In short order, the imprint has consistently broken massive dance music records, sponsored curated stages at the world’s most prolific festivals, and become a global brand synonymous with uplifting new talent. Heldens’ “Heldeep Radio”” has amassed a loyal following, and it was there on this week’s 333rd episode that the producer broke the news. 

Oliver Heldens premiered “Set Me Free” to the show’s worldwide audience of 70 million listeners. The uplifting pop house anthem features earnest vocals from MAX, who shines above a clean-cut instrumental that keeps things simple and catchy. Heldens keeps things easily digestible, riffing off of a fluttering melodic lead that fits his signature future house style for a mainstream pop audience, anchored down by potent kicks capable of stirring up a main stage audience.

“‘Set Me Free’ feels like the perfect record for me to kickstart OH2 – It just has this nicely balanced blend of Dance/Pop, Disco, and Future House elements,” Heldens said of the track. “Party Pupils and I have been wanting to do something together for a while because we thought it would be really interesting to combine our styles, and we’re super happy how this turned out.”


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