ODESZA and Golden Features Release BRONSON Commentary Album

The commentary album gives listeners a chance to learn more about what went into the supergroup’s debut LP.

ODESZA and Golden Features shocked the world when they announced their new supergroup, BRONSON, back in April 2020. A step away from the trio’s traditional sound, fans were excited to hear their amalgam with the release of their debut LP earlier in the month. In an effort to give listeners a chance to learn about what went into their newest project, the group has released a new commentary album to accompany the original. 

With the new release, listeners can hear how BRONSON came to be, information about the recording process, some of their inspirations, and statements from the featured guests on the album. In a press release, BRONSON shared a statement further describing the new behind-the-scenes feature.

COMMENTARY is just that – an elucidation on our debut album as BRONSON. We wanted to give some insight into how and why the project came to be. It’s a look behind the curtain from us, as well as from our guest collaborators lau.ra, Gallant and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. We hope listeners enjoy this deeper dive into our album.

ODESZA and Golden Features’ BRONSON commentary album is out now. You can download or stream the project here


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