Is It Just Celebrity Gossip Or Fact?

It’s a common assumption among the public that celebrities are born with a silver spoon, and so they have lavish life, recognition, love, peace, pleasure, fun, riches, and high celebrity internet worth. God, Heaven, Hell, Judgement Day, Everlasting Life, Punishment and so forth, we’ve got made such a fancy jargon of these elusive words round us that we reside our lives in a very miserable approach. If one believes that God has given us this life on earth, what should one do with it. Should he keep pondering about afterlife as a substitute of making one of the best of the current life with all his heart and mind. Even this life is unsure, one minute, one hour, some months , some years and even that is spent with hardship, poverty, pressure, issues, ailments and so on plus some completely satisfied moments, comforts, luxuries for some fortunate ones. So no matter a little bit solace or pleasure can be extracted out of this uncertain and fleeting life, we deprive it by delving on the summary concepts that is after life, liberation. Everlasting life that I have mentioned above. So, protecting in thoughts the above all points of my existence, I’ll ask God- I’ve spent my life to the perfect of my considering, to the best of my efforts, to the perfect of my abilities. Although I attempted my best to adhere to whatever good is spread in he holy texts with the most effective utilization of my knowledge bestowed upon me by You, I’ve committed some wrongs too, I have deviated from the path highlighted in sacred literature however this has occurred as a result of my ignorance and in the midst of my persistent struggle to survive regardless of odds. After I prayed and asked for something, sometimes you blessed me with it, but typically you kept silent. I additionally prayed to you to give me such an insight to know you with my logic, reading, reflection, meditation and sheer earnestness. Sometimes I used to be stirred by You, yet typically, You caused a vacuum and left me bewildered. As of at this time, I’m unsure of either Heaven or Hell, right or improper, sin or noble work. Whatever mindset was provided by you, I utilized it and harnessed it to the maximum. At the similar time, I took additional care to not damage anybody with both my phrase or action. What assist I may have prolonged to the needy, I did it. I tried to behave with my family members in a decent manner however sometimes they suffered on account of my rage too. If I try to consider my self in a good method, I might say that I am extra dangerous than good. I am one hundred % certain that I’m not a hundred% good that may be a good man and to be a fit particular person to take pleasure in all pleasures in Heaven, Father, when you will have made a Hell moreover Heaven and a majority of people are sure to be despatched there, please make it in tandem with the diploma of sins of people.

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