Dance Moms Kevin Cosculluela Charged w/ Molesting Underage Dance Girls!

Former Dance Moms dancer Kevin Cosculluela was arrested last month and charged with allegedly molesting a number of girls who were taking dance at his Florida dance studio, MTO News has learned. 

Kevin is facing multiple felony counts of solicitation and sexual activity with a minor. The two alleged victims were both female students of Kevin’s at Peaches Dance Studio in Orlando, Florida.

According to jail records, Kevin was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Palm Beach County on January 15. He was released to the custody of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on January 21. 


Puffy & LeBron Dance-A-Thon (; 1:00)

He later posted a combined bond of $8,000 after pleading not guilty to five felony charges.

Here are the official charges:

[Two Counts] SEXUAL ACTIVITY W/ 16 OR 17 YR OLD CHILD Second Degree Felony



According to court documents, the charges all stem from alleged incidents last year between Kevin and two different female dance students under the age of 18. 

The documents say that Kevin asked one of the victims to go with him to Taco Bell on December 2 of last year. During the trip, he asked her to swing by his apartment. While at the apartment, the girl claims that “once inside, Kevin grabbed her hand and took her into his bedroom.” He removed his pants and then forced her to give him oral sex.

After the act, the victim says Kevin “stood up as if nothing happened.” Here’s from the police report:

He asked her if she wanted mouthwash and said, “I think you’re gonna need that.” He handed her some mouthwash and then they got their stuff and left the apartment. He told her it wasn’t that big of a deal and then told her to drive fast to get back to the studio. 

The other underage alleged victim has a similar story, but she claims that the two shared explicit pics – a possible federal crime. 

From the police report:

She said that Kevin’s messages would be about his feelings for her and his intentions with her, as in being in a relationship together and having sex. He also sent her a message on Snapchat saying that he wanted her to come to his apartment some time so that they could have sex and that he would drive her to dance class afterwards. She said that she told him no, and that they never had sex.

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