CloZee's Tastemaker Abilities Shine on Diverse Gravitas Records Compilation

CloZee’s carefully selected tracks help pave the way for the future of bass music.

CloZee has emerged as a tastemaker in the dance music space since first appearing in a remix competition for Mr. Bill. Since then, her eclectic taste is easily identifiable throughout a variety of her releases, including last year’s Neon Jungle LP as well as her recent remixes of Deathpact‘s “ID” and INZO‘s “Overthinker.” In partnership with Gravitas Recordings, CloZee has now curated a 15-track compilation called Emergence

Emergence seeks to showcase the future of bass music and from the sound of it, we’re in good hands. The compilation features rising artists nok nok, Habitaat, Bass Temple, and Orendi as well as more established artists such as Ahee, Esseks, and Fakear, among others. Emergence offers a great deal of diversity while still keeping the spotlight on the overall vision of Gravitas. 

French producer Lil Fish stands out with his single “Yours.” The slow, ambient start guides listeners through a unique collection of samples before an unrelenting wave of walloping bass takes the reigns. NotLö similarly stands out on “Abysmal.” Opening with subdued percussive elements, waves of mind-melting bass ebb and flow for the remainder of the track.

Gravitas Records is home to bass-centric favorites like Au5, Of The Trees, Psymbionic, A Hundred Drums, and many more. Their continuous stream of quality releases, including Emergence, is a clear sign that the future of their label is bright. 

Listen to Emergence below. 





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