This DJ Travels From Farm to Farm to Educate About Vaccinations

Ricardo Castorena is using his beat-matching skills to combat unfounded vaccination myths.

As vaccinations continue to circulate, the news of communities who are vastly underserved seems to fly under the radar. One group in particular is farmworkers, who have been hit especially hard by the impact of COVID-19.

The United Farm Workers‘ Elizabeth Strater explained that at least 1 in 3 farmworkers in California have COVID-19 antibodies, which means they have already been infected with the virus. According to Marketplace Business News, who gathered data from Purdue University, as much as 18% of the US agricultural and farmworker population has tested positive for COVID-19, a number that pales in comparison to 5% of the nation’s general population.

The challenge is now making sure that these essential workers are going out to get their vaccinations, which apparently has been difficult due to far-fetched myths about inoculation.

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