20 Questions With Danny Tenaglia: The Dance Legend On Paradise Garage, Turning 60 & Life Off the Road

Danny Tenaglia has been into — and influencing — dance music before the genre had really even been fully defined. Growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the ’60s and ’70s, Tenaglia absorbed the sounds and styles of his diverse neighborhood and cultivated a love of rummaging through records as a child into a career that is now well into its fourth decade.

Starting in the ’80s, when Tenaglia was working for the Billboard charts before signing his first record, his profile rose on — first in New York and then into international circuit — via the power of his transportive, eclectic, deep, performances. His extended sets (which have on occasion lasted for 24 hours) are legendary. His residency at TwiLo is legendary. Even just speaking to him through Zoom is kind of legendary, with Tenaglia warmly sharing stories of Paradise Garage and Giorgio Moroder and moving the camera around to … Read the rest