Check Out Kygo's New Noise-Cancelling A11/800 Headphones

“They’re brilliant for blocking out any unwanted distractions while I’m traveling on tour.”

Chart-topping dance music star Kygo has released a new line of over-ear headphones. Combining his passion for sound quality and all things music, the famed producer has teamed up with some of the industry’s top engineers to build the X by Kygo line. 

The A11/800 over-ear headphones are a noise-cancelling delight. Working in conjunction with the Kygo Sound app, the headphones have the ability to equalize and let the user control how much ambient noise is blocked. A clever “awareness mode” cancels ambient noise at 50% while amplifying voices, so there’s no need to worry about removing the headphones when listening to somebody speak.

As for the sound, the A11/800s deliver clear and crisp tones regardless of genre. Preset equalizer modes within the Kygo Sound app cater to four sound images: “Bergen” for acoustic and piano music, … Read the rest