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With 7.4 billion folks in over 200 countries it is no marvel there are greater than 6 thousand distinctive celebrations around the globe. Non-Christians who cannibalize the Bible to go well with their own functions often quote the story of the woman accused of adultery who was about to be stoned, reminding us how Jesus stated, Neither I do condemn you, as if homosexuality shouldn’t be judged as unsuitable by those that disapprove. Nevertheless, they leave out the rest of Jesus’s sentence—go and sin no more. Jesus stored firm with sinners and people whom society rejected, but those who hung out in His presence changed. By no means did Jesus encourage sinners to maintain wallowing in their sin. Jesus always spoke the truth, and that’s why He was crucified. Individuals immediately still do not like to hear the truth. They do not think about their conduct sin” as a result … Read the rest