Kendall Jenner Stuns In Brown Maxi Dress With Slicked Hair Look

Kendall Jenner stuns in a brown, maxi dress as she was spotted in Milan, Italy for Fashion Week.  At 5’10” Kendall is known for her long legs and modelesque figure. The dress that she wore showed off her height and fans have been asking who made the dress that she wore. Kendall wore the Roll Neck, Stretch Jersey Maxi Dress from Lemaire. The dress retails for approximately $710 and demand for the garment has increased since Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing the outfit.

The dress is crafted in Portugal and features a sculpted and scrunched design. It doesn’t have a traditional, straight turtleneck, but a roll neck that culminates in several layers of loose fabric. The roll textures is also seen along the dress’s bodice and sleeves. There is extra fabric extending from the elbow area, down to the wrist to create the bunched, roll effect. The result is … Read the rest