David Adefeso Shares More Strategies For Building An Emergency Fund – See His Clip

David Adefeso continues his series about strategies for building an emergency fund. Check out his clip here.
‘More Strategies For Building An Emergency Fund! We’re not done yet! Here’s Part 3! – Reduce frequency of personal grooming -Relieve yourself of unnecessary debts like cars/insurance (Try Uber!) -Redeem points for cash Just like you make these banks work for you, make sure to make your credit card perks and points work in your best interest as well. Don’t be afraid to downsize and live with a little less for a bit, while you pad your rainy day fund. New episodes of my financial literacy series drop every Sunday at 2p PT on my YouTube Channel. Click the link in my bio for more #WealthDemystified tips. Follow @david.adefeso,’ he captioned his post.
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