D. L. Hughley Blasts ‘Unqualified’ Ice Cube Over President Donald Trump Campaign Meeting In Viral Video

Comedian D. L. Hughley, 57, has no patience for rap music icon Ice Cube venturing in politics, weeks before a presidential election that could have serious ramifications for the country.

Cube has been using his platform to push an agenda for Black America. In doing so, he ended up working with President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Critics say the hip-hop legend is being used by Republicans to peel away some Black men and prevent them from voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November.

Cube says he does not care and just wants results. Some have described him as a shy Trump voter. Hughley takes things a step further and says that Cube is not qualified to discuss serious political matters with a campaign.

Cube replied with: “I hope all these people with podcast and radio shows telling the world I’m too unqualified and uneducated to talk about a document I … Read the rest