Army of the Dead: What Excites Us About Zack Snyder’s Zombie Epic

Army of the Dead: Five things we’re excited to see in Zack Snyder’s zombie epic

Whoa! That Army of the Dead trailer was absolutely bonkers, and we mean that in a good way. There was crazy action filmed in director Zack Snyder’s patented slow-mo style, bikini-clad zombie women, muscle-bound heroes, and zombie tigers; all scored to a beautiful rendition of Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” Obviously, there was plenty to unpack, but we managed to whittle all of those elements down to a list of five things we’re most excited to see in Snyder’s crazy zombie adventure.

Zack Snyder Unhinged

About a month ago, a little movie called Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrived on HBO Max and, by all accounts, was a smashing success. However, fans of Snyder may note the, ah, distinct lack of batshit insanity typically found in most of the controversial director’s films. Oh sure, Justice Read the rest