Fight BREAKS OUT At Wendy Williams' Mother's Funeral!!

There’s been a lot of rumors surrounding what happened at Wendy Williams’ mother’s funeral. Wendy’s brother went on Instagram Live on Friday, claiming that Wendy didn’t attend the funeral.

Well MTO News has all the tea, on what REALLY happened.

Wendy and her son attended her mom’s home going service, and during the service her brother allegedly got into an altercation with another family member. 

MTO News spoke with a person who was at the funeral and they explained, “[Wendy’s bother] was fighting with another man right over her mother’s casket.” It’s not clear whether the fight was verbal or physical – but we do know that the “fight” was disturbing to everyone there.

Wendy spoke about the incident today on her show during the Hot Topics segment, and told her audience that her ex-husband Kevin Hunter – who was also at the funeral – broke up the scuffle.

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