Bob Moses Releases First Concert Film, "Falling Into Focus 2020"

The film is accompanied by a live album release from the performance.

This past October, Grammy-nominated electronic music duo Bob Moses performed a spectacular live performance on the rooftop of an abandoned radio tower in Topanga, California. Following the performance, they announced that the show was not only recorded in full and set to be released as a live album, but also that it was shot and filmed in studio quality.

Today, Bob Moses has released Falling Into Focus – Live 2020, a 70-minute feature-length concert film (accompanied by a DSP release of the audio) from their performance, directed by Owen Brown and produced by his agency CTRL5. The project was born out of the limitations of the pandemic and made in partnership with Twitch, who premiered the performance film on their platform. 

Set out to make the first “concert film,” the shots were meticulously planned to create jaw-dropping moments, which required multiple takes in order to capture properly. As described by Brown in a press release, “the film represents the future of live stream-style content, in that it was made over the course of months to be as thrilling to watch as a concert is to attend. With live music not coming back anytime soon because of the pandemic, my goal was to make something at that standard – and I think we’ve come close.”

The show begins with the band performing on top of the abandoned structure, and as the night takes over, Bob Moses slowly worked their way down the tower, performing multiple sets both as a band and in their original two-piece set up. The set consists of 13 tracks performed over the hour and it highlights the material they have put out in their latest project Desire, as well as from their previous albums Battle Lines and Days Gone By

Check out the concert film below.

To go along with the film, the band also released a new live album of the same name, which is out on Domino Records and features the full-length set in addition to an exclusive band version of the titular track from Desire.



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