Ammika Harris shared a sweet clip with her and Chris Brown’s son, Aeko. Check out the video below.
Someone said: ‘Soooo handsome! Looking like his Daddy’s twin❤️❤️❤️’ and another follower posted this message: ‘This honestly might be the best celebrity kid 🔥’
One other follower said: ‘A cool kid, the coolest in Germany😎❤️’ and someone else posetd this: ‘What’s it like to have the baby goat?! 🤗’
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One other follower posetd this message: ‘Omg I need that monkey for my 2 year old! Where did you get that?’ and a fan said: ‘Oh god he’s so cute 😍 one of the coolest kids on earth but he’s still allowed to be a normal little toddler with his monkey backpack, great job mumma 👏👏’
A commenter posted this: ‘OMG the coolest and most adorable little Prince Brown 👑💙’ and a follower said: ‘Omg👏He’s already a stylish guy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cute!!! @ammikaaa @chrisbrownofficial.’
A fan wrote this message: ‘lol i’m available to babysit whenever you need a day off lol. so precious. 😂’ and someone else said: ‘He’s getting big too fast 💨 😮😍’
Ammika Harris shared some hair-related secrets with her fans and followers on her social media account. Check out her post.
‘Safe to say @bondiboost WORKS for me!! This is my 3 months hair growth result! Swipe to see before and after!’ Ammika said.
Someone else said: ‘YOUR HAIR! It grew so long. Thanks for the update. I might have to invest in this,’ and a follower posted this: ‘Wow your hair looks so good! Definitely works well😍’
A follower said: ‘Thanks for the tea!😍😍😍😍. Hahaha I asked and you came through with it,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Sweetie you Continue to be you and yes anyone with degrading comments need to eliminated off your page. Beauty always brings jealous spirits!’
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