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One of the first songs I heard from Daniel Kandi was ”Make Me Consider”, and at the time of its release, I was blown away. Anytime a persons belief’s are challenged it creates concern and anxiety and our natural psychological protection systems are triggered to guard us from these emotions. Denial which is considered one of the most primitive of human feelings, is easier for many people to deal with. This is without doubt one of the reasons so many alcoholics and addicts proceed to undergo although intellectually they know they’re harming themselves and their loved ones. It turned obvious that to be able to ensnare Rudolf Hess MI6 needed to use bogus astrological predictions mixed with political intelligence. Hess was persuaded that a Scottish aristocrat, the Duke of Hamilton, was keen to negotiate peace terms on behalf of the influential folks on the high of British society who needed to finish the battle. The Duke had beforehand met Hess at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and the deputy Führer for some cause thought he was still a member of the surviving Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Ian Fleming commissioned an astrologer to supply a faked astrological forecast indicating that the 10th Could 1941 could be a propitious date for Rudolf Hess to fly to Scotland for a secret meeting with the Duke of Hamilton and other members of the so-called British ‘peace get together’. Hess’ occult advisors conveniently confirmed there could be an uncommon planetary conjunction on the tenth Might. On that day six planets could be aligned in the zodiac sign of Taurus and conjoin with the total moon. At the identical time Hitler’s chart showed malefic (thought to deliver unhealthy luck and misfortune to these born inside its radius) astrological points. Hess saw himself within the position of a messianic hero saving Germany from potential future defeat by making peace with the British. All the (false) studies reaching the deputy Führer in regards to the political situation in England and the astrological aspects convinced him that his mission would be successful. I honestly think you might be lifeless improper about feminism, with all due respect. The problem isn’t feminism or feminists, it is the media perception of feminists that portrays feminism as man-hating extremists. These folks do not exist in real life, or in the event that they do, they don’t symbolize the typical lady. Feminism means that we recognize that women still face a lot of sexism at this time, and strict gender roles hurt each men and women, and that we have to work collectively to make a optimistic change. I believe it’s typically males who get defensive and claim that ladies hate them and are trying to “beat” them, when in actuality, we simply want equality and security, and we simply don’t have that in the present day, not even in America.

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