After Cryptic Email Campaign, Subtronics Announces Debut Cyclops Compilation

The announcement arrives after a number of electronic music producers received a cryptic email from an address in hieroglyphics.

Last week, a number of electronic music producers received random, cryptic emails from an address that looks like it was comprised of hieroglyphics. Many of those artists tweeted about the email in a collective “WTF” moment, sharing screenshots of it to the bewilderment of EDM Twitter.

Adding to the mystique of the whole email quandary was its contents. In a blurb that looks like it was plucked out of a Hunger Games book, the email simply reads, “You have been selected. You will be required to use your individual set of skills in order to survive. Your first mission launches soon.” Confused by the email and its Liam Neeson quote from Taken, many of the artists who received it tried to decipher the message, but to no avail.

The source of the email was finally revealed today. It was sent by none other than Subtronics and his newly minted record label, Cyclops Recordings. The dubstep star recently announced the imprint via a video in which he’s fittingly flanked by two giant gold bongs, sharing that he’s excited to select “artists that cover the full spectrum of fresh, cutting-edge bass music” and that each Cyclops release will be “curated towards forward-thinking, inspiring new styles.”

Today, Subtronics doubled down on the news by announcing that the official launch of Cyclops Recordings will commence with a gargantuan compilation, à la Excision‘s momentous late September debut of Subsidia Records. Similar to the launch of Subsidia, the record, which will drop on December 11th, is set to boast new tracks across three chapters, dubbed “High Knees Headquarters,” “Psychedelic Division,” and “Heavy Artillery.” Collectively, they will feature music from over 20 artists, including Leotrix, Akeos, Control Freak, LEVEL UP, phonon, and Subtronics himself.

You can pre-save Boot Camp here and check out the official teaser and tracklist below.

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Boot Camp Tracklist:
Subtronics – Tractor Beam
Akeos – Makura
Syzy – Poison Muffins
AI Ross – Malfunktion
phonon x MAD Dubz – Wheel Up
Leotrix – Dissatisfied
Chee x Subtronics – Point Breeze
EAZYBAKED x MOLOKAI x Saka – Killjoy
Abelation – Killin’ Em
Smith. – Swing
G-Space x Caveman – On The Block
BLVNKSPVCE – Component 17
Kill Feed – Foolish
Control Freak x Vanfleet – Water Weight
Calcium – Deathwish
Jiqui – OTM
Nosphere – Gaussian Traveler
LEVEL UP – Satan Works Alone
Subtronics – Scream Saver VIP





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