R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week: Mereba, Mustafa, Ye Ali & More

We might be coming a day later than usual, but our weekly picks are still perfectly ripe and ready to be added to your most-listened songs playlists.

This week’s collection includes tracks from Ye Ali, Liza, Mereba, Larry June and more — delivering nostalgic sad bops, a few socially-conscious cuts and a little bit of summer vibrations.

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Hong Kong Boyfriend, “see u dance”

Coming in hot with the summer love feels, Hong Kong Boyfriend shares his latest single, “see u dance.” The lo-fi leaning instrumental — with vinyl crackles and sentimental chords sprinkled in — exudes nostalgia, as the Bay Area-raised singer shyly confesses his love in solitude.

Tamera, “Wickedest”

Tamera’s latest single is the embodiment of smoothness, thanks to the U.K.-born singer’s exceptional vocal performance. “Wickedest” features an Afrobeats-inspired instrumental with gentle piano and Spanish guitar scales … Read the rest