AG Club Are Living Out Their Rockstar Dreams: ‘We’re Just Putting on For the Hometown’

“Everything’s personal with the music,” Jody Fontaine of AG — that’s Avant Garde — Club states intensely. He’s sitting on the back porch of the Los Angeles home that the entire group inhabits, frat-house style. The young MC/songwriter is just one component of the explosive 14-member crew, a San Francisco East Bay Area-spawned collective that houses everything from a production company, to graphic designers, to videographers, to self-proclaimed “fashion guys”.  

The idea of authenticity is one they stress throughout their conversation with Billboard, reiterating that everything the group creates — from their lyrics, to their visuals, to their fashion choices — is genuine, pure, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before. “That’s the whole point of AG Club. It’s like a break away from reality.” Jody shares. “F–k the rules.” 

Though the guys insist they all play an equal role in the group, today Jody — who is best known Read the rest