How Family and Learning About Black History Reshaped Tierra Whack’s Mindset

If you ask Tierra Whack what she’s been up to during the pandemic, she’ll first enlighten you with her newly acquired knowledge of Black History. After indulging in several documentaries, most notably, The United States Vs. Billie Holiday and Tina Turner’s Tina, Whack can proudly give you a crash course on the importance of Black women in music. After that, she’ll delight you with her thoughts on family and how her little cousins shaped her spacey new video “Link.”

For Whack, the making of “Link” wasn’t just a creative bonding moment with her loved ones or a timely collaboration with LEGO, but it was a highly valued experience that fed her inner child at a time when she needed it most.  “It’s crazy because when I get a little off time, I’m always at the family’s house,” she tells Billboard. “I got a big family, so if I’m Read the rest