‘Amy Winehouse’ Book Excerpt: How ‘Back to Black’ Was A ‘Trojan Horse’ In 2007

The following is an excerpt from Kate Solomon’s new book, Amy Winehouse, which is out now in the U.K. and sees U.S. release on April 13. Amy Winehouse is the second book in Laurence King Publishing’s Lives of the Musicians series. Kate Solomon is a music journalist who has written for The Guardian, Q, Sunday Times Culture, Time Out and Billboard.

It’s strange to go back and try to listen to Back to Black with new ears. It’s become such a part of the cultural landscape that even if you’ve never listened to the full album, you know parts of it intimately – in the same way that even if you’ve never seen Star Wars, you know something about Luke Skywalker and his family situation. It’s also very hard to listen to now you know it’s part of the end of the story, rather than the opening … Read the rest