Saltee Drops Pair of Metal-Infused Drum & Bass Tracks

The Denver producer promises that “Tradition of Torment” and “Heart of Darkness” are only the beginning of his foray into the world of metal crossovers.

Last month, Saltee took listeners on a ride with his liquid-tinged tunes, “Unkindled” and “Sif.” He’s now returned to the airwaves with a double dose of metal-infused drum & bass. For “Tradition of Torment” and “Heart of Darkness,” he replaced the more ethereal atmosphere he previously created with vivid, industrial hellscapes more akin to something found in DOOM Eternal.

On the leadoff single, “Tradition of Torment,” Saltee recruited the help of his longtime friend Marko Kokotovic for some impressive guitar work. Opening the gates early with haunting, distorted vocals and massive guitar riffs, the anticipation for the boss fight begins. Once fused with Saltee’s masterful production, the bass-fueled action sequence finds an addicting groove and elevates the metal amalgam to the next level.… Read the rest