Why I Made 52 EDM Songs in 52 Weeks

“We as artists have the potential to heal others and help make sense of this crazy world.”

This is an opinion column. The thoughts and viewpoints expressed are those of the author, Yuan Chang, who produces electronic music under the moniker NUYA.

Last year, I decided to take my biggest dream seriously. I made 52 songs in 52 weeks.

My journey started in 5th grade, when I dreamt about making electronic music. My childhood was categorized by Playstation Ones, trance music and rice soup. I spent lots of time dancing to Malaysian black market techno CDs, running around in circles in the living room. I daydreamed about entering the talent show with my 5th grade crush and performing a choreographed dance to “Heaven” by DJ Sammy. When I turned 13, I was able to finally have my own email and sometime in middle school, my dad sent me an MP3 watch … Read the rest