This Doctor Has Been Livestreaming DJ Sets to Lift Spirits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

DJ Bodalia has been using his NHSessions streams to entertain the masses during the coronavirus pandemic.

While the idea of an up-and-coming artist holding a day job is nothing new, it’s not every day you hear about a doctor who moonlights as a DJ.

Enter DJ Bodalia, a British doctor who just so happens to mix on the side. He’s combined his passion for providing care to the public and his love of dance music in a new initiative he calls “NHSessions.” On Instagram, he shared a video explaining his story to BBC News.

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When speaking with The Guardian, DJ Bodalia explained what it was like working in a hospital during the early days of the pandemic. He would then go on to share how he wanted to start his livestream program in an effort to raise spirits during … Read the rest