Luis Fonsi Talks Making ‘Vacio’ With Rauw Alejandro, Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Exclusive

If you listen to Luis Fonsi’s upcoming single, “Vacío” (Empty), featuring Rauw Alejandro, you might hear some familiar strains.

Wait. Is that “A Puro Dolor?” The 2001 heartbreak anthem performed by boy group Son by Four spent 20 weeks on top of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

Perhaps that’s why when Fonsi started writing a romantic track with longtime friends and producers Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres (of “Despacito” fame). “Everywhere I went it would always come really close to ‘A Puro Dolor,’” Fonsi tells Billboard in an exclusive interview. Fonsi didn’t want to write a cover song, but he didn’t want to fight his instincts either.

“Long story short, we used a couple of lines from the song. It’s like when you sample a sound from an old song, but the way we did it, I think it’s a little bit different,” he continues. Fonsi actually only … Read the rest