Macklemore Has Some Scathing Thoughts in New ‘Trump’s Over Freestyle’

Like many people, Macklemore had a lot of things on his mind on Jan. 20 during the inauguration of the nation’s 46th president, Joe Biden. Luckily, he thought to hop into the studio and get it all down on tape in the form of his biting “Trump’s Over Freestyle.”

The scathing rejoinder to the outgoing president came with a side(eye) plate of thoughts for all the self-proclaimed woke warriors out there as well, and a warning that if you don’t like what Mack is laying down, well, go on, then.

“Now, all you high-fiving MAGA white boys drinking White Claws/ Care about your taxes more than human rights, sign off/ You no mask-wearing, big truck-driving, Blue lives matter/ Talking s–t about the riots/ Double standard once the white folks went and tried it,” he raps in the song over one of his signature horn-spiked, buoyant beats, joking at the top … Read the rest