Sam Smith Really Misses Sweaty Clubs, Works One Up With ‘Late Late Show’ Performance of’Diamonds’

Sam Smith told James Corden how much they miss getting sweaty in clubs on Monday night (Nov. 9), reminiscing about pre-COVID days going out. They made it all better, though, with a spirited performance of “Diamonds” later in the show. Host James Corden was happy to see his old friend and asked Smith if the news of Joe Biden’s election as the next president of the United States has been received with the same joy in England as it has in America.

“Oh my God, look, for me and my circle of friends and family I’m just so overjoyed. It’s so nice to hear some good news coming out of America for a change,” said Smith, who was enjoying the footage of ecstatic Americans dancing in the streets over the weekend when the news broke that Biden had defeated one-term President Donald Trump decisively to end the most contentious election … Read the rest