Budweiser Crowns Halsey as Its ‘King’ For Latest Campaign

Halsey is fit to “Be a King” for Budweiser’s latest campaign, which was announced Wednesday (Oct. 14).

The multi-platinum pop star revealed an accompanying “Make Your Name – Be a King” mini-film that shows her poetic metamorphosis from Jersey girl Ashley Frangipane to global sensation Halsey, an anagram of her birth name that was also inspired by the Halsey Street station at the New York City Subway. The two-minute clip captures her five-year quest through her never-before-heard spoken word poetry.

“I grew up in New Jersey and started romanticizing New York at a very young age. It was so close, but always felt so far, and being able to move there quickly became the goal. When I finally got there (while it was extremely difficult at times) I felt like I could finally be the artist I wanted to be, and access parts of myself I just wasn’t able to … Read the rest