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The lives of celebrities are a major concern to many individuals around the world. Devika, my good friend my 30 plus daughter is in town after being in my house town with about 10 relations. Oh boy are we going to gossip at the seashore immediately. I am quite positive that I’ll write at the least 3 snail mails as we speak to catch up. Gossiping with handwritten letters is a blast. Excellent article. I really appreciated it. I remind Christians that Jesus Christnever sought the houses or places of the wealthy. Organizations requesting money over preaching the gospel of the Legislation of Love needs to be treated with the deepest of doubts. Moreover, Devil would somewhat dwell on a elaborate island than have a place in Siberia. He’s flashy. Your article is sort of informative and shows Christians to think before leaping at what they hear from these TELEVISION … Read the rest