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The Social Community, set to hit theaters on October 1, 2010, is a drama directed by David Fincher concerning the founding of the social networking Web site, Fb. God, Heaven, Hell, Judgement Day, Everlasting Life, Punishment and so forth, now we have made such a complex jargon of these elusive phrases around us that we dwell our lives in a very miserable way. If one believes that God has given us this life on earth, what ought to one do with it. Should he keep pondering about afterlife instead of constructing the most effective of the current life with all his heart and mind. Even this life is unsure, one minute, one hour, some months , some years and even that is spent with hardship, poverty, stress, problems, ailments and so on plus some glad moments, comforts, luxuries for some lucky ones. So no matter a little solace or pleasure … Read the rest