Bottom 5 SUV’s With Second Row Leg Room

If you’re interested in an SUV you definitely want to make sure that you’re checking out these ones. Even though they have smaller space in the second row than other SUV’s these ones definitely have plenty of space for anyone that you want to bring along. After all, an SUV is plenty large enough of for everything you might need so even the small ones are likely to be good enough for your needs.

lexus-gxIf you’re looking for ultra-luxury you’re definitely going to love the Lexus GX. This SUV is sleek and rugged at the same time so you feel like you can go wherever you want. The inside is soft, smooth and even more sleek and it’s definitely high enough priced that you can understand the luxury appeal. You also get three rows of seating, with 34.1 inches in the second row and plenty in the third as well. Not to mention each of the available upgrades.

toyota-land-cruiserThe Toyota Land Cruiser is a little less ‘fancy’ but it still has plenty of great features. It’s moderate on the inside so you get some of the features but some additional benefits like a moonroof and great accents. You get 34.4 inches of space in the second road and each of the three seats in that second row is going to be comfortable and large enough for a child or an adult, which means you’re going to love this. If you’re looking for a vehicle like this one then make sure to find the best auto financing available.

jeep-wrangler-1This SUV definitely looks rugged and ready for the outdoors. It has a back end that you’ll easily be able to load up with all of your favorite things. With a low price you will spend a little more on gas for the Jeep Wrangler but it’s still decent for longer trips. With 35.6 inches of space in the second row, you’re going to be able to bring anyone you want along without any problems at all. There’s plenty of traction on the tires too, so you won’t have a problem with anything at all.

lexus-lxAnother great luxury option is the Lexus LX, which offers 36 inches in the second row and still plenty of space in the third as well. You’ll be able to fit up to eight people in this vehicle and all of that will plenty of comfort. The seats are designed to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and the infotainment system is definitely for those who want to keep themselves informed about everything their vehicle does.

jeep-wrangler-unlimitedFinally, we come to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which offers 37.2 inches in the second row, is slightly larger than the original version. It’s slightly more expensive but you’re still going to get good gas mileage to go along with it. This is still the same rugged vehicle as the other Wrangler we discussed, but with a little more in the features department, which you’re going to love.