Who Can Run Your Credit Report?


Your credit report is something that tells anyone who looks at it how well you’re doing at paying off your bills on time and keeping up with your accounts. It’s something that can definitely cause you trouble in the long run because if it’s bad it can affect the way that you get credit. But just who can actually look at that credit report? Unfortunately, the list is pretty long and it’s going to mean problems for you in the long run when everyone on that list is looking at what you have to offer.

Potential Employers – Now your employer has some limitations on what they can look at on your credit report and what they can do about it. Your credit score is entirely off limits to them and they can’t make any decisions based on that score, but they can look at your history of payments and just how much debt you have to decide if they want to offer you employment. If you have a lot of debt it will turn them off because they know that you have to pay it off somehow and they don’t know how honest you’re going to be.

Bank/Credit Union – If your bank or credit union is going to be giving you a loan they can look at your credit score and credit report to decide if you’re a good investment. In fact, anyone who’s looking to give you credit or a loan can look at your report and your score to determine if they want to loan you anything or if you’re not likely to pay it back. Your history is going to count against you quite a bit because they’re going to assume that you’ll continue what you’ve been doing, not that you’ve changed.

Housing – If you’re looking to get a house they can look at your credit report as well. Now the people actually selling the house don’t care because they’re going to get the money from your financial backer, but that financial backer will care and they’ll decide to give you a mortgage or not based on your credit. Apartment complexes are allowed to look at your credit score as well and if your history shows that you’re not good at making payments they could refuse to rent you the space because they don’t know if they’re going to get paid in the end.

No matter where you go you’re going to run into people who can run your credit report and will as well. That’s because they know the credit report says a lot about your history. Unfortunately, even if you’ve started making some changes they don’t know if they can trust those changes and you may not be able to get the credit you need. Make sure you’re aware of that before you start applying for anything, it could end up a problem for you. If you’re looking for a car though, and you don’t have time to get your credit up, you can check out a loan application here and get approved even with bad credit.

How To Tell A Good Car Dealer From A Bad one

A car dealer can tell you anything to make you trade with them. They will lie to you, they will cut corners and beat about the bush even when they know the car they are about to sell you has a glitch. This happens where one is shopping for a second hand car. It also happens to first time car buyers looking for new cars. Your best bet is to be on the lookout and spot that bad dealer before he rips you off. Here is how to go about it.

Reputation is everything

People Reputation-of-the-dealerwill always have the nicest things to say about good dealers and of course, the meanest things about substandard ones. The only way you can come across what they say is by going online. They will leave reviews on popular car trading sites, review websites and forums. So take your time to read more about dealers on these avenues. You will certainly find something posted about that dealer you want to trade with. Anything that seems to shade or cast some bad light your preferred dealer’s car yard should be a red flag. Avoid that dealer or be careful with him.


Ce6OhV1UUAAaHIyYou can look or even talk to a car dealer and know right from the onset that this is an experience dealer. The kind of enthusiasm experienced dealers often exude is hard to fake or mimic. They know about brands and some specific details off head. They are always patient and willing to bargain with you until you both agree on a price that will leave you both smiling. It is business at the end of the day. The buyer and the seller have to be both satisfied. Inexperienced dealers often ignore this simple business aspect without knowing. They will rush every process just to make a sale. Avoid them as much as you can.

Openness and professionalism

Picture-of-a-family-buying-a-carYou will most likely end up buying from a friendly dealership than you would from an unfriendly one. The reasoning or rather logic behind this is simple. First off, a friendly dealership treating you in a professional manner will make you feel valued as a client. You will in fact, want to do more business with such a dealership in the near future. Not so with a dealership that exudes the ‘don’t care attitude’ simply because you want to inquire something or even window shop.

All these are important factors that you need to consider when eyeing for the right car dealer in Winnipeg. Take some time doing your research and asking for referrals. Auto financing companies that approves auto loans with bad credit no cosigner are good options, make sure to give them a call.